The bag’s shape was inspired by an architectural element called a caisson, which is present on the ceiling of the Vernadsky National Library of Kyiv

The inspiration for the creation of Salut bag was the famous Kiev hotel “Salut”. With the help of hand knitting, have been reconsidered the horizontal and vertical lines of the hotel. Large eyelets and round shape convey its composition and details

The Cannelure roll-neck sweater is inspired by the vertical grooves on the columns – the cannelures. They are made in order to emphasize their height and slenderness

The bag was inspired by the “Flying Saucer” building on Lybidska Square in Kyiv

The inspiration for the Yaranga hat was the smooth shapes and strict lines of the Memorial Halls in the Memorial Park in Kyiv

The inspiration for the creation of the Console dress is a part of the building of the physical building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, where the lecture hall is located. It is a massive, overhanging console element that tapers upward and has smooth, rounded shapes

The honeycomb structure of the Mir Hotel in Kyiv inspired the creation of Cells knitted vest, which recreates the facade of the building

The inspiration for the Stylobate skirt was the stylobate part of the Mir Hotel in Kyiv. The large round windows of the hotel are reproduced in a decorative clasp in the form of a large eyelet

Reconsidering the geometric shapes of the stylobate part of the Salut Hotel in Kyiv, an image of Stylobate shirt and Stylobate pants was created. A suit of uneven gray color, reminiscent of the texture of concrete, and complemented by black stitches to emphasize the graphics

Reconsidering the high-rise part of the “Flying saucer” complex on Lybidska Square in Kyiv, an image of Cannelure pants and Cannelure top was created