KHYZHA collection continues to explore Ukrainian architecture and its construction traditions, reinterpreting the architectural heritage and daily life of the inhabitants of the Ukrainian Carpathians. PODYH embraces the simplicity and clarity of the forms and lines characteristic of the region’s buildings, creating a connection between centuries-old traditions and the present.

The collection’s name, KHYZHA, which means “dwelling” in Ukrainian, refers to the traditional houses of the Lemko people, one of the ethnic groups in the Carpathian region.

The collection embodies the shapes of various traditional structures such as wooden churches, bell towers, windmills, and houses, as well as architectural and construction methods used by masters.

“It was fascinating to explore techniques used by different craftsmen and integrate them into garments,” says Daria Plaksyuk. For example, the traditional carved talisman six-petal rosette (called Gromovyk in Ukraine) has been reinterpreted and adorns cutouts on the back of dresses and tops.

The silhouettes of the styles also replicate the volumes and forms of architecture: lively and light fabrics represent the connection with these incredible buildings through wide, trapezoidal, and stepped structures.

Special emphasis was placed on the colors in this collection, which reflect both the natural elements of Carpathian architecture – wood, straw, and clay – and the colors of regional ornaments and decorations.

Among the looks of the collection, the raffia dress occupies a special place. With its imitation of the structure of a thatched roof and a multitude of refined details, this dress becomes a true work of art.

Another highlight of the collection is the bags and accessories. “I am very proud of the accessories made from leather scraps, which mimic traditional roofing techniques such as “Dranka,” a type of wooden shingle, and thatched roofs.

Additionally, this season we introduced the Vitryak keychain, a handmade leather accessory that reinterprets the traditional wooden windmill,” says Daria Plaksyuk.

The name of each item is a Ukrainian word associated with its architectural inspiration, such as Vitryak – windmill, Dzvinytsya – bell tower, Dranka, Gont – types of wood shingle, Strikha – straw roof, and others. It helps to stay connected and further delve into the heritage of the region and style.

The collection was first presented on July 11, 2023, as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. PODYH immersed guests in the warm atmosphere of a Ukrainian village and the Carpathian region through music and fashion.

PODYH is not just a brand, it is a mission that inspires to explore the world of architecture and discover its value. Thanks to PODYH, architecture, and fashion merge to convey a unique wearable art.